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Once you have seen the doctor you may go on to have further investigations. These may include blood or urine tests, a sexual health check, cervical smear tests, ultrasound or X-rays, or referral to a specialist service for review.

Patients who are enrolled with us can see their results on their Patient Portal after signing up for Online Services via ManageMyHealth Login.

If you are not signed up for online services, please make sure that you understand how you can receive the results of these tests.

The doctor may wish to see you and discuss your test results. In this instance, we will contact you either by SMS/text message, phone, or by adding a message to your filed results asking you to make an appointment for review.

We have robust systems in place to make sure that abnormal results are appropriately actioned. Even the best systems can sometimes breakdown – for example samples can go missing at the lab. So, we ask you to take responsibility for ensuring you receive your own results as a final safety check. Please do not assume that “no news is good news” – check online or phone and speak to a nurse to confirm that the results are back and that no further follow up is required.