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Minor Surgery & Cryotherapy

New Zealand is the skin cancer capital of the world. At QuayMed, we have expertise in minor surgery and provide timely, competent biopsy or removal of worrying skin lesions.

We also offer surgery for skin tags and ingrown toenails. These conditions do not need to be referred to a hospital and can be dealt with here at QuayMed by our experienced team, potentially saving you a long wait or high cost private specialist fees. If you have medical insurance with Southern Cross or another private health provider, they will usually reimburse the full cost of a minor surgical procedure here at QuayMed.

Quaymed Minor Surgery & Cryotherapy

If you have a skin lesion that you think needs removing, please consult any of our doctors in the first instance. Minor surgery is available here at QuayMed providing fast, competent removal and biopsies of skin lesions. Other services include removal of benign moles and skin tags, along with surgery for ingrown toenails.

If you have a lesion which you think needs removal, we ask you to consult with one of our doctors first. At this initial consult we will agree a management plan, and where needed, schedule you in for minor surgery at a convenient date – usually in the same week.

Doctors Andrew Tyson, Yaw Moh and Mamta Patel all perform regular minor surgery. Dr Mamta Patel has had extensive secondary care training in both plastic and general surgery.

The fee for Minor Surgery will be advised at the initial consult and includes the surgery itself, a follow up visit and dressing change with the nurse, in addition to a follow up appointment with the doctor 7-10 days later when the histology results are available and sutures removed if necessary.

Cryotherapy is a less invasive procedure where suitable lesions such as verrucas, sunspots and other skin lesions are treated with an application of liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen is extremely cold and effectively delivers a “cold burn” to the lesion to destroy it. Some lesions such as verrucas need several treatments, each a week apart. There is an additional fee for cryotherapy – ask reception when you book. All our doctors can perform cryotherapy.