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Dr Terrillian Hui

Dr Terrillian Hui


Ko Ngāpuhi te iwi, ko NgatiHau te hapu, ko Whakapara te Marae.
Ko Aitutaki te motu, ko Ngāti Tepaki te Whanau.
Ko Terrillian Hui toku ingoa.

Since graduating from the University of Auckland medical school in 2017, I have worked at Middlemore Hospital and Auckland City Hospital in several specialties including: general surgery, geriatrics, orthopaedics, general medicine, and community mental health. After spending one year as a doctor in the Emergency Department at Auckland City Hospital, I transitioned into General Practice where I am currently working towards a Fellowship with the Royal NZ College of General Practitioners.

Continuity of care, chronic health conditions, women’s health and contraceptive health (incl. Mirena and Jadelle) are all areas of General Practice that I am passionate about. Caring for Whānau and families from all walks of life is a real privilege. Urgent care and procedural skills are areas additionally that I continue to upskill in.

I will be located at both the Britomart and Wynyard clinics. Outside of work, I enjoy travelling, attending musicals and camping with my wife and our cute dog, Gracie. Travelling to my families’ ancestral land in Whangarei, and Aitutaki in the Cook Islands is always a time that I look forward to.